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Welcome to "What If..."

Nvolve Technologies develops high concept housing products that can be configured on-line, with components being built in a controlled environment that can ultimately be assembled on-site in less than 3 weeks by no more than 3 people.  Sounds amazing right? What if it was possible to fully assemble a finished home in just 3 weeks?

Now it is possible.

The most customizable and rapidly deployable home in the world

Nvolve technoligies three trucks

All of the required components and parts needed to assemble a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home will fit on 3 semi-trailer trucks.

It is this ease of mobility and transportation that allows us to deliver homes to any part of the country for any variety of needs.

Three people Nvolve Technoligies

When the 3 trucks arrive on site, we will have no more than 3 trained Nvolve installers ready to assemble the complete home. These people will not be traditional builders because the parts are simply assembled not built on site.

Imagine evolving the workforce in the housing industry to include almost anyone with almost any background...what if we could do that?

House built in three weeks

With the majority of components being manufactured in our configuration centers, the need for subcontractors is at a bare minimum. All products are pre-inspected in the Configuration Center to meet the code standards of the destination city and state or province. This allows us to fully assemble a finished home in 3 weeks or less...imagine that.

The DIAMOND High Concept 2

Enjoy this short video showing how the "slices" connect to create the DIAMOND 

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About Our Company

We started thinking about the housing market and the steadily increasing need for not only affordable homes, but homes built with exceptional quality, designed to last.  We wanted to design a product and system that would revolutionize the way people not only lived in their homes but how they ordered and took delivery of their homes.

We thought what if we could combine solar power and energy efficiency into one amazing eco-shell that was made primarily of recycled materials and had a minimal impact on the environment.  What if we could actually deliver homes to storm and flood victims instead of just wishing someone could help. What if we could serve the underserved by providing obtainable homes in a timely manner where the people living in these homes might actually become employees of the company!   And what if we could assemble a high concept home without the need for an electrician, roofer, plumber or concrete mason.  What if in some small way we could help shape an economy where our homes were part of the solution, not the problem.

Our 333 concept will get us there...

3/3/3 Concept

Nvolve Technologies currently holds 5 patents pending on innovations allowing our 333 concept to go from "what if" to "what took so long."  333 means 3 trucks, 3 people in 3 weeks.  333 will change the entire paradigm of housing as we know it today.

So welcome to "what if"...and Nvolve Technologies.  We would love to hear from you if only to get your ideas and share in your story and maybe together we can help shape a better future for housing.







If you want an amazing High Concept Home on your homesite, development, or just as a low maintenance income generating rental - just click here and we will send you a brochure that features our product and how it might apply to your needs.

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